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South Moravia is an absolutely unique destination and is the most popular region in the Czech Republic. The area boasts the most UNESCO sites in the country (8 in total within 100 km of Brno), a beautiful countryside, traditional villages and great gastronomy. The region offers a choice of traditional guesthouses and luxury hotels with a superior quality of service. You will also find an array of famous buildings with a wide range of architectural styles from baroque to functionalism. Brno is particularly renowned for its functionalist style, with the UNESCO listed Villa Tugendhat being perhaps the most well-known. Last but not least, important cultural activities must be noted – local ballet and opera are highly regarded and, in the performances of the National Theatre in Brno, it is an extraordinary experience. Additionally, South Moravia is not crowded with tourists. Instead, it offers an authentic experience of local traditions supplied by warm and welcoming people in a stunning and relaxed environment

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, located 200 km from Prague in the south eastern part of the country, and is the capital of South Moravia. The town offers high-quality services in ​​accommodation, gastronomy, relaxation (amazing wellness services), and a thriving bar scene (including officially the best bar in the Czech Republic). It is a young, friendly town with a unique and relaxed atmosphere. Brno also made the NY Times list of 52 places to visit.
The city centre is built around a historic, 13th century core and is also home to the highly distinctive, unconventional architectural style of functionalism, the style in which the UNESCO-listed Villa Tugendhat was constructed. You will find here the second largest ossuary in Europe, baroque and neo-gothic architecture, and a large number of incredible churches and temples. Below the centre of Brno lies the historic Brno underground. In the centre of the town, at the top of the hill, is the old Špilberk castle, which is a dominant feature of the city of Brno.
Numerous well-known personalities such as composer Leos Janacek, painter Alfons Mucha, and genetics explorer Johan Gregor Mendel, were active in the city.

Brno is famous in the Czech Republic in the field of gastronomy. Even the famous New York Times has described Brno as "unexpected cuisine and nightlife in an architectural mecca." Brno is indeed known for its above-standard level of gastronomy. In the city there are many fine restaurants but also a number of trendy bistros. Brno is also home to the best Czech bar for 2017 – Super Panda Circus.