Moravian Karst
Wine tasting

Design your own plan, and we will make it happen!

We will prepare a program which will introduce you to the most interesting places of our region or even the whole Czech Republic, also with visits to neighboring countries.

We can prepare any route including visits to the places you desire. We are ready to suggest and prepare for you a variety of options (such as arrival in Vienna – departure from Prague). We can arrange accommodation, transport, local guides and much more, so that you can enjoy every single location in the way you want to.

• A sightseeing tour from Vienna to Prague or vice versa

• Thematic tours of UNESCO sites (from Vienna to Prague – a total of 10 UNESCO sites)

• Thematic wine tours (you will explore 4 areas of the region, visit local winemakers – from traditional to modern, and enjoy wine degustations)

• Thematic sightseeing tours of less-known but extremely interesting places

• One-day or multi-day tours according to your wishes

• Photography tours (Moravian Tuscany)

• Adventure/adrenalin tours

  • Price upon request