Wine tasting
Wine tasting
Wine tasting
Wine tasting

1 day, 4 cellars
A visit to 3 significant wineries and the biggest wine gallery of the Czech Republic

A wine trip for connoisseurs and lovers of wine. Discover the typical varieties of the region, meet renowned winemakers, taste the best of the wine region of South Moravia.
During this tour we will visit three extraordinary winemakers and the biggest wine gallery in the country – the National Wine Centre. All of them are recognized wine experts and winners of a number of national and international competitions. At each winery you will be guided by a local vintner and will get to taste the best wines of the winery. In the National Wine Centre we will have a wine tasting of the “champions”, plus later on you can try any wine from the gallery (choose from more than 100 types of wine).

Winery Sonberk – beautiful architecture, breath-taking views and fantastic wine. You will experience this combination in a modern winery that reaps one success after another. On more than 40 hectares of land you will find mainly Riesling, Pálava and Tramin wines, growing in an environmentally friendly way. From hand-picked grapes, they produce up to 150,000 bottles of white, only attributive wines, characterized by distinctive fruitiness, original juiciness, high minerality and exciting spiciness. Sonberk has won the Winery of the Czech Republic of the year in 2013, 2015, and 2018 in the category of middle wineries. The local wine of the “Pálava” variety was the winner in the category of aromatic wines at the world famous Decanter World Wine Awards. They regularly have successful wines at the Concours des Grands Vins Blancs du Monde, Prague Wine Trophy. 2019 saw awards in red wines at Mondial du Merlot & Assemblages.

Winery Jan Stavek is a family winery situated in the Němčice Winery Court, which was built by Grandfather Francisc in 1898. This winery specializes in fortified, rosé and cuvée wines. Vintner Jan Stávek, who continues his family’s tradition, focuses mainly on rose wines, in which he is well-known as a master in the field in Moravia. He is the author of several books on wine (Port and other fortified wines, Tasting Handbook, Rosé, Wine Technology). He is the holder of sensory tests (he sits at international competitions for the Czech Republic) and an expert witness. During his studies he went on numerous wine internships abroad (Germany, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Madeira, Cyprus, Moldova, Brazil, and Australia). The tour of the winery includes the tasting of bottled attributive wines, expert commentary on technology, wine storage and serving. Winery of the Czech Republic of the year 2017 in the category of small wineries.

Winery Obelisk – A new winery, which quickly gained the recognition of many experts. Their wines are offered throughout the Czech Republic and are often paired with leading chefs. The winery produces wines from its vineyards, where we find both old shrubs and new plantings. It is interesting to observe the taste differences in the diversity of flavours in the wines separated by generations. The Obelisk Winery was built on a green horizon in the southern Czech Republic, with a unique view of Valtice and the Pálava Hills, where a former border guard platoon was once stationed. National borders once in need of protection are now the site of a beautiful winery and lush vineyards, carefully landscaped and maintained.

The National Wine Centre – a wine gallery where winners of the largest national wine competition are located. In the chateau cellars of the Valtice Castle (UNESCO) there is a public wine-tasting exhibition of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, open to the public, which includes more than 100 types of wine. Here is a unique opportunity to taste any of the stored wines (except sparkling and specialty wines). One bottle is opened from each wine. Detailed information is available on each wine box and in the catalogue. Wine-tasting programs are supervised by a sommelier.

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4 wine regions of South Moravia

Follow in the footsteps of traditional winemakers as we go deep into the 4 sub regions of South Moravia. From the vineyards to the cellars, this tour is a must for all wine enthusiasts.

3 nights in traditional winemaker accommodation, 4 wine regions, 12 vineyards, 1 large wine gallery and a huge variety of wine!

96% of all wine from the Czech Republic come from the South Moravian region. The region is divided into four sub regions. With our wine expert you can discover 3 vineyards from each sub region and see the difference between them. During this trip we always stay accommodated in one of the vineyards, where we will spend an evening in a local wine cellar with the wine producer and traditional food. The tour is for wine lovers or wine experts who would like to explore new wine destinations. The vineyards that we will visit guarantee a rich experience!

  • For groups of 10 – 30 people
  • Price upon request